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How much compensation could I be awarded?


Compensation for unfair dismissal is made up of both a ‘basic award’ and ‘compensatory award’.


The basic unfair dismissal award is given as a matter of process for successful unfair dismissal claims and is calculated as follows:

  • Half a week’s gross basic pay for each completed year of service (in which you were aged below 22)
  • One week’s gross basic pay for each completed year of service (in which you were aged between 22-41)
  • One and a half weeks’ gross basic pay for each completed year of service (in which you were aged over 41)


Maximum figures apply to the amount of basic unfair dismissal award which can be given:

  • Maximum amount of weekly gross pay is £380
  • Maximum of number of years counted is 20

A compensatory award is given to reimburse an employee for any lack of earnings resulting from their dismissal. This award can take into consideration any commission and bonuses that would have been earned during this period. The maximum compensatory award for loss suffered following an unfair dismissal claim is currently set at £65,300 (this is changed on a yearly basis). [Figures accurate as at July 1, 2010]


Unfair dismissal awards can be increased or reduced due to either party’s failure to follow the ACAS Code of Practice for Disciplinary Procedures. Our unfair dismissal lawyers can explain how to follow the correct procedure.


If I win my unfair dismissal claim, can I get my job back?
The Employment Tribunal can order an employer to reinstate an ex-employee following a successful unfair dismissal claim. This means that the employee either gets their old job back or is put into a similar role. If an Employment Tribunal orders reinstatement, the unfairly dismissed employee can also claim compensation for earnings from the date of dismissal to the date of reinstatement.


Orders for reinstatement of employees are, however, rare.


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