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UK Unfair Dismissal Compensation


Have you been unfairly dismissed?
In short, you are unfairly dismissed when you are sacked for reasons that are both unreasonable and unlawful and/or your employer failed to follow the right procedure when you were dismissed.


Am I eligible for Unfair Dismissal Compensation?

  • Were you employed for at least 12 months?
  • Did your employer have a fair reason to dismiss you?
  • Was it reasonable for your employer to sack you?
  • Did your employer follow a fair procedure?
  • Are you aged 65 or under, or under the usual retirement age for your occupation?


Claiming Unfair Dismissal Compensation? Why use us?

  • Our Solicitors are unfair dismissal compensation experts with significant experience in this specialist area of employment law
  • We are not unqualified employment consultants or a claims management company  
  • We provide FREE initial phone advice on unfair dismissal compensation
  • We offer no win no fee unfair dismissal compensation agreements for appropriate cases
  • Our Solicitors can run your case without you needing to attend our offices – communicating with you through email and phone, minimising your inconvenience. Alternatively, you can meet us in our Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset offices. If proceedings have to be issued in the Employment Tribunal, we will make sure that this is local to your former workplace.
  • Our clients like us – in our latest survey, 95% of our clients classed our service as “excellent” or “good”, and 98% said they would happily recommend the firm to others.


How our Solicitors can help you

  • By letting you know whether you have a case for unfair dismissal
  • By negotiating with your employer for compensation for having been unfairly dismissed
  • By representing you at an employment tribunal should your claim come to this


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If you have been unfairly dismissed, you must make a claim for compensation within three months. So it's essential that you don't delay, or you may lose your right to compensation entirely. Wherever you live in the UK, make sure you contact our specialist Unfair Dismissal Solicitors today.

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