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How can I pay for my Unfair Dismissal Claim?


Unfair dismissal claims are brought before an Employment Tribunal (‘ET’) instead of a Court. Both parties are normally responsible for paying their own legal costs, but the ET can order one side to pay the others costs if they have acted unreasonably or failed to follow correct procedure.


Therefore you can either pay for your claim

  • out of private funds or
  • by using a no win no fee (conditional fee) arrangement with your solicitor. Making a no win no fee unfair dismissal claim with us allows you to make a compensation claim without paying solicitor's fees


How do no win no fee unfair dismissal claims work?
If you win your case, your legal costs are paid by your opponent. However, in a no win no fee unfair dismissal case, if you lose your case through no fault of your own, we will not be paid. As our solicitors take a risk on winning your claim, they receive both their basic fees and a success fee (an additional fee for taking the risk). Both these fees are recoverable from your opponent. Some fees must however be paid to third parties, including any witness expenses and Employment Tribunal fees as your unfair dismissal claim progresses.


Please note that legal aid is not normally awarded those claiming unfair dismissal.


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This site describes the work our solicitors do in respect of unfair dismissal compensation claims. For more information about no win no fee agreements, visit our specialist No Win No Fee Solicitor microsite.


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