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Do I need a solicitor in claiming unfair dismissal?


To make an application for unfair dismissal compensation before an Employment Tribunal you do not have to have legal representation. However employment law regarding unfair dismissal is an extremely complex and rapidly changing area of the law and retaining a specialist Unfair Dismissal Solicitor to represent you will ensure your best chances of success against your employer.


An experienced Unfair Dismissal Solicitor will know which parts of your case are the strongest and how to present these arguments in order to receive the maximum compensatory award from the Tribunal. Not only this, but a solicitor also knows how to deal with evidence and procedure when claiming unfair dismissal. It is worth noting that a claimant can be penalised if they act outside of procedure and if the Tribunal considers their actions to be unreasonable. Penalisation is usually given by a reduction in the amount of compensation awarded. If you appoint an unfair dismissal solicitor, the chances of this happening will be significantly reduced.


If you are concerned about the legal costs of an unfair dismissal claim, talk to us about a no win no fee unfair dismissal claim.


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