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Have I been ‘dismissed’?


When considering whether or not you have been unfairly dismissed, the first step is to check whether in the eyes of the law you actually been ‘dismissed’. Surprisingly it’s not always easy for employees to distinguish when they have been dismissed and when they have resigned from their job. For example:

  • Your employer says to you ‘either resign or I will dismiss you’ and you resign.
  • You resign because your employer breaches a term of your contract.
  • Your fixed term contract is not renewed.
  • Your employer uses language that makes you think they are dismissing you, and you then walk out.

In these situations although there has not been an express dismissal, an Employment Tribunal will probably conclude you were dismissed. If you are unsure whether or not you resigned or were sacked, then make sure you contact one of the experienced unfair dismissal lawyers in our team who will be able to confirm whether you were sacked or not.


How do I know if I have been Unfairly Dismissed?
Look at the reason for your dismissal and decide whether or not it fits within one of the five ‘fair’ reasons for dismissal (i.e. Redundancy, Conduct, Capability, Statutory Restriction, or Other Substantial Reason). Go to What is Unfair Dismissal for more information.


If you are unsure then you should seek legal advice so that experienced employment lawyers can make that judgement call for you.


Not only must you look at the reason for the dismissal, but you should also look at the way in which your dismissal was conducted. Did your employer follow the correct procedures as provided by ACAS? These procedures are contained within the ACAS Code of Practice.


If you think that your employer either dismissed you on unfair grounds or failed to follow the correct procedure, then you may have a claim for unfair dismissal compensation.


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